unreliable classies and clax

A curated selection of tracks composed using loop-sequencing software on available computers between 1999-2001

For more information on classic Digitron 30 tracks, visit the archive

Volume I

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Bart Fuckle, Mazing Turdalor

Yotookan / Lightens

Ambient Shirt


Practical Shirt


Speaker Domination

Domination Speaker

bullflak / Two Minutes of Annoying Noises

Spacetime IPA

Bro’s Turkey

Left Control Home

The Shiniest Thing


The Daffodils

Yorbalindor / 75 Circuits Bounce

Canal Bats

Chase Afternoonie

Volume II (coming soon)

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(these will eventually all be embedded YouTube)

Alien Robot Typing Academy

Empty Register (reasonable motive)

Currenter / Caught Snappy (ungarb digestible mix)

is this ready? / Graphing Calculator Rush

Crowd Crush

Recycle 75

Ringo o Taberu

Sick Nasties

Double Bypass Circuitry

Quadruple Bypass Circuitry

Eye Cup

Fraddle / Elastic Truffle

Dradler Drop

Franplastic Frog